Posted March 31, 2016 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

A Guide To Variable Voltage/Variable Wattage E Cigs

Make no mistake there’s plenty of terminology and technical parlance around the vaping community that can often seem rather daunting for the novice Vaper. One of the most commonly used but also easily confused is the difference between variable voltage and variable wattage, a feature that is increasingly common even in lower end products. Here we’ll take a look at what these settings are and explain – hopefully in layman’s terms – how adjusting these settings can affect the quality of your vape.

It’s All About Temperature!

In a nutshell, adjusting the voltage/wattage settings is a way of controlling the temperature of the mechanism that heats up the e liquid and consequently produces the vapour. Obvious as it might sound, this is important to understand as higher temperatures will generate more vapour while using a greater amount of battery power, whereas likewise lower settings will perform the opposite. Deciding upon settings is really a personal decision, and getting it right can really enhance the user experience and help get the best flavour and enjoyment from the e liquid.

Variable Voltage

Where it might become confusing is when adjusting voltage to a level suitable for the tank being used with the device. Some may require a higher voltage for optimum performance, whereas some are capable of using very little voltage as they are low resistance – often these are referred to as sub-ohm tanks that generate extraordinary clouds of vapour. However most tanks do offer some resistance, and subsequently perform better with higher voltage settings – check the specifications to find an ideal voltage setting.

Variable Wattage

This feature is more commonly found on higher end products, as they tend to automatically configure the necessary voltage to work ideally with the tank by measuring the resistance being offered. Generally speaking this provides a much more consistent and reliable vape across the board with very little hassle.

Which Is Best?

As might be expected VW products are more expensive and typically higher quality, however with a little experimentation and practice very similar results can be achieved from a VV only device. Some top end products offer total flexibility with both of these settings, occasionally to extremely precise degrees that will deliver the vape exactly as the user prefers it. On the other hand most people will find that a good quality VW device that has ‘smart’ functionality will be more user friendly, it really depends upon personal taste!