Posted April 14, 2016 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

A Guide To Ohms, Volts & Resistance In E Cigs

Finding the perfect blend of ohms, volts and resistance for your vaping set-up can massively enhance your satisfaction from your favourite e-liquid. Understandably these can sound like rather technical electrical terms, but in truth for the general user a simple comprehension on how they all work together is all that’s needed. Bear in mind that it will require a little experimentation, but hey – that’s all part of the fun!

Ohms And What They Do

Ohms are the amount of resistance provided by an atomizer to the electric current being passed through it by the battery. More/less resistance = more/less power. Corresponding this affects how the coil reacts. Assuming a low amount of resistance: it will generate more vapour that will likely be warmer than usual and sometimes richer in taste. On the other side the battery will burn more power, e-liquid will be used faster, atomizers won’t last as long.

The exact opposite is true when set up for a higher resistance setting. If in doubt there’s plenty of charts online that can help guide, but as mentioned experimentation is part of the game.

Variable Voltage E-Cigs

As mentioned the power flowing from your battery is essential to how much/less resistance the atomizer will be facing. This style of e-cig allows for the user to simply switch between preset levels of voltage generated by their battery (usually three taps on the fire button), for example 3V, 4.5V or 6V. Some units at the higher end of the market allow very precise alterations to this.

The Variable Wattage Devices

Voltage can be considered to be the total battery output aimed squarely at the atomizer, wattage on the other hand is the total overall output of the entire battery. In its purest level this additional output adds to a far more powerful output that ensures a perfect vape every time through, essentially adding a support to the voltage output. Much depends on the ohm resistance level too, as a very low resistance facing high voltage and wattage will produce great thick clouds at expense of tearing through atomizers and liquid. Alternatively it can produce the best ‘equalized’ vape going for less demanding/expressive users.

A Note On Sub-Ohm

This uses atomizers with a lower that 1 ohm resistance, and when coupled with a massively powerful battery (most commonly box-mods) can produce incredible clouds, while using an unbelievable amount of atomizers and e-liquid! The stress put on the battery requires a degree of care, yet this branch of vaping is becoming ever more popular and accessible too.