Posted February 20, 2018 by Daniel Archibald-Jones in Information & Articles

A Complete Beginners Guide To Sub-Ohm Vaping

Sub-ohm Vaping

You may have heard the term ‘sub-ohm’ used in relation to vaping but wondered what on earth it really means?

For many people it all sounds rather electrical and ‘techy’ and something best left to the vaping aficionados rather than the casual day to day user. However once past the jargon sub-ohm vaping can actually provide a much more satisfying and intense vaping experience for some users, providing what many believe to be a better ‘hit’ and cloud production.

So for the curious here’s a complete beginners guide to sub-ohm vaping.

What Is Sub-Ohm And How Does It Work?

In a nutshell sub-ohm is a scale of measuring the resistance within the vape coil that plays a major role in determining the intensity of the heat that warms the liquid. For point of reference an ohm is now and again relayed with the sign “Ω”.

Most vape devices are set for between 1.2Ω and 2Ω, and this is where sub-ohm differs, as it is a term used to describe when the resistance of the coil is below 1Ω.

The reason for doing this is that sub-ohm allows for much lower resistance to the electrical charge, essentially making the vape devise ‘super-charged’ in the sense that it heats up much quicker. This in turn produces a great deal more vapour, a more powerful draw and often a stronger flavour too.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Sub-ohm isn’t necessarily for everyone. Remember, you will burn through e-liquid and coils at a much faster rate than when using a more mainstream device, plus it can be a bit too much for some people. It’s well worth a try though as for some people it’s transformed their vaping for the better.

What Are The Practicalities For Sub-Ohm Vaping?

You’ll need the right set-up for sub-ohm vaping to be both a satisfying and safe experience.

It’s important to use the correct coils and atomizer with the correct battery. For this kind of vape you must use a quality lithium-ion battery (replaceable or USB chargeable) as only these have the appropriate cells for sub-ohm vaping – a generic off the shelf vape pen will not work safely if at all.

Most e cig tanks will have documentation explaining how sub they can go – if in any doubt check with the manufacturer and be sure the battery is up to task.

In terms of vaping a sub tank is a little higher maintenance than usual as it’s important to prevent the wick drying out. The best way of doing this is to keep the tank filled up as far as possible, and occasionally set the device back into ‘standard’ ohms to allow the juice to gently absorb while in use. Failure to do this will typically lead to a dry and sometimes burnt taste from a spoilt wick.

So the best way to think of sub-ohm vaping is comparing it to something like a super-car. Highly effective, premium delivery and a joy when well configured; but also prone to a little high maintenance once in a while!